Last faire day this season

Well, the local (in my opinion) faire season is over.  We traveled down for closing weekend of the Maryland Ren Faire.  It was a beautiful day, despite the cold.  I was able to wear my new wool cloak, which was so great!  I didn’t have to carry a basket or a bunch of pouches, and my hands were warm in my pockets.  My Intended went the tights and shirt route (with a modern warm layer, of course), and I cut the tunic  from last year’s Marc Antony costume to make a sort of vest.  I’ll keep my gripes about the faire to myself, saying only that it seemed very popular.  In all, we liked the shows that we went to very much, and will likely attend one weekend next season.

On a side note, I made this year’s addition to the Halloween Closet–The Monarch & Dr. Mrs. The Monarch (Venture Bros….Adult Swim…Cartoon Network…just watch it, and thank me later).  The picture is post-party, but if I feel motivated to do a construction diary, I’ll post our individual pre-party shots.   Now, I have to decide what to wear for the costume contest at work, so that I don’t get fired.Since my primary sewing/crafting season is over, I don’t know what kinds of updates will be made.  I’m currently working on some beginning knitting and embroidery projects, but wedding planning will take precedence for a while.  I’ll also be putting the machine in the shop for cleaning and maintenance when I’m positive that I can part with it.  Ah, the “off” season.

Thanks for reading!

Author: SciFiCheerGirl

Hobby costumer, wife, and mom with a dancey-dance problem and a hankerin' for moar books

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