Just a quick one…

…because I should have been in bed hours ago.  The snaps have been sewn onto the underskirt and forepart.  I took a trip to the local large chain fabric store and stumbled across a 50% off sale on silk organdy – w00t!  I now have material for my partlet; I also picked up a bit of lace for the edges, but I’m not sure if it’s going to get used.  I had yet another sleepless night; this time it was the bodice piping.  I didn’t understand what the manual was telling me to do, so I pinned it the way I thought I was supposed to and went to bed.  After a fitful 7 hour nap, I went online to look for answers.  Eventually, I was directed to The Tudor Tailor (thank goodness I bought that book), which put me on the right track.  Mind you, it was the track that I should have went with in the first place, but that late at night, pictures are all I can handle and the one I was following was wrong.  Anyway, all is well now, but, thanks to my schedule, I can’t actually stitch the piping on without being a bad neighbor.  Just so that I can get something done until I can turn on my machine, I’ve been cutting the pieces for the paned capped sleeves, and I should be able to cut the partlet and curved sleeves over the next few days.

I also realized that I really don’t post pictures as often as I could.  I take pictures through pretty much every step of my projects, I just get so busy with them, that I forget to post.  As atonement for my forgetfulness, here are a few recent pictures.  I will update the dress journal as soon as I get a break.

SketchConcept TrimFlatlining

See, I’ve been working.  The first is the original sketch that I ran home to jot down after I saw the damask.  *The sketch has changed a bit since the original and there are notes scribbled or post-it-noted to the page.*  Then, you see the fabrics together the morning that I made a decision on the trim.  The last picture is the flatlining because I like the blue and gold (Go De-la-ware!!).

Side note: I picked up the new Simplicity Tudor a couple of weeks back – it must have been the day the put them out.  Patterns were on sale and I had to have it.  I saw the underpinnings, but I have more than enough documentation and patterns to get by on those.  Instead I picked up the Renaissance Man pattern so that I can whip up something for the hubby while waiting for the Margo Tudor set to come out.

Really tired…off to bed…thanks for reading!

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Hobby costumer, wife, and mom with a dancey-dance problem and a hankerin' for moar books

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