So much to do

This week has been a mix-up of different pieces of the Gold Gown.  I attached the piping to the bodice and completed the panes for the cap sleeves – that was fun…really it was.  Since I’m trying to be a good neighbor, I decided to do hand sewing at night, and the partlet silk–wiggly as it is–needs to be hand sewn.  It’s coming along–a ton of pinning and re-pinning.

Unfortunately, I had a huge dilemma on the paned cap sleeves…I didn’t like them.  I got up to the stuffing part and realized that the puff underneath was hideous.  I didn’t think it was puffy enough, so I stuffed it some more.  That made the fabric flat, which defeats the purpose of the puff.  I pinned up a version of the paned cap sleeves without the puff, so that the smock sleeve or the narrow sleeve would  show through.  I like the style, but they slide down my arm and lay flat.  I gave up and asked Husband for his opinion–he likes the puff, so the puff it is.  I hope to be able to attach the bodice to the skirt at some point this weekend, but we’ll see.

SilkOrg PinnedSleeve

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