Magic Weekend @ MDRF

We made our trip to the MDRF today and had a great time.  My mom made a guest appearance and seems to be getting hooked.  We met a bunch of people and hung out at the tavern for longer than we planned.  The shows that we did see were very entertaining, although not quite on schedule.  No worries, just good times.  I went peasant, the hubby went kilted, and mother went gypsy.  Not many garb pictures this time, but you get the jist.

tavern Momtavern R/F MD

Be forewarned, I’m starting a slew of small projects for National Sewing Month, so the next few project posts may be scattered and severely disjointed.  First up, a light turquoise shirt for the husband, a la Simplicity 4059.  I also have plans for (in no particular order) a purple shirt for me, a green bodice, a wool fitted kirtle, a hip scarf, a red bodice, sleeves for my existing peasant bodice, sleeves for the husband, and a kirtle/petticoat.  The idea is to get stuff done because I can, not necessarily out of need.  Sewing this much will also decrease the stress level that permanently exists with long-term, thought out projects (Lady Corvina).  It will be nice to have more garb options than are currently present.  This should also clear some space in the stash.  I’m not real sure how I’m going to make some of these items, but the interweb knows all, so we’ll go with that for now.

As a side note, the Lady Corvina overskirt is all but done.  I need to throw on the completed ensemble items so that I can do the hem, which is the last step before starting the bodice.

Here’s to faire friends!  Thanks for reading.

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