Ah, the brain

So, I came home yesterday, took one look at the pile of fabric that I made for my potential September mini-projects, and decided to cut my LC bodice pattern instead.  Oh, well.  The originals have been cut and copied onto draft paper; next will be alterations.  Those are generally shortening, increasing the bust seams, and drafting the curved point into an actual point.  I really have issues staying on goal, especially when it comes to sewing.  Oh, and the husband’s new shirt still doesn’t have closures.  I suspect that I’ll put some on when he decides he wants to wear it.  Keeping with my current state of project unrest, I briefly flirted with an Ottoman ensemble–an entari, tunic, pants, and, ya know, the stuff that goes with.  Unfortunately, it’s one of those things that I should probably research first.  We’re going with a group of people, and, while I never feel out of place in garb at the faire, I don’t have any ensembles that I can really run, jump, and climb trees in.  I imagine that I’ll just get back to work on the LC bodice this week and end up making a new bodice before next weekend instead.  Me and the brain really need to have a sit down.

Thanks for your time; have a productive Wednesday!


I cut the doublet bodice mock-up from canvas; at least, I think it’s canvas.  It’s certainly stiffer than the cotton duck I have been using for flatlining recently.  Anyway, I was able to get every thing on for a test fit.  I have a fair amount of pattern adjustments to make.  The pictures that were taken should help me get an all around view.  I shortened the pattern by 2 inches, but I think I’ll put an inch back.  I didn’t add an inch to the bust, as suggested, but that allowed me figure out where to start the bust adjustment–just above the top of the bust.  There’s bunching along the neck line in the back and the shoulder seams are too far forward, but on a diagonal (pictures to come).  I should be able to adjust the shoulder seams, and I hope that will fix both issues.  I’m not entirely sure how far the back should go up my neck, but I’m pretty sure I need to shorten that as well.  As with all of my bodices, I need to dart above the back/side back seam.  I’m not really sure how any of the changes to the mock-up with translate to the fashion fabric, but I’ve got interlining and lining to test before I get there.

Time for bed to dream about bodices that fit.

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Hobby costumer, wife, and mom with a dancey-dance problem and a hankerin' for moar books

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