Yes, it has reached that point in the creative season when I need to refocus before I set the sewing room ablaze in a fit of frustration.  With just over one month until Halloween and [at least] one costume to finish and one costume start, I need to stop stressing and get down to business.

First on the table: get my doublet bodice sized.  Once the sizing is done, I don’t foresee any complications with construction.  I have everything I need on hand, and I’ve made three doublets for Fred without difficulty.  After the bodice is done, I will hem [and trim] the skirt, then work on accessories, which have been planned out for sometime now.  I may even work on the jewelry during lunch breaks since I don’t read much when I have costuming on the brain.

After my ensemble is done, I’ve planned a big project for the husband’s faire Halloween garb.  With his charming good looks, my husband will be taking on the persona of the Man of Steel, Elizabethan style.  It would have been nice to come up with this idea months ago, but I am confident that everything will come together quickly.  I have to make a big shopping trip for fabric, and a couple necessary accessories are being purchased online at this moment.  I am very excited to start this project, I just hope that I can get my own out of the way without too much distraction.

As if there were time for anything else this month, I may need a costume to wear to work for Halloween–it is unlikely, but I do have one in mind.  And, I will be going as Little Red Riding Hood to faire one weekend, for which I want a new bodice.  The sewing gods must laugh at me daily.

On a side note, we had a lovely time at faire yesterday.  My wonder-husband won first place in the D.I.D. Steeplechase for the style with which he saved me, his damsel-in-distress.  The idea of me saving him was entertained, but steel hoops greatly impede my tumbling skill level.  That’s two for two on first place finishes this season; since our season passes have well been paid for, I think we’ll stop entering contests while we’re ahead.


Updates have been made to a few project pages.

Thanks for reading!

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Hobby costumer, wife, and mom with a dancey-dance problem and a hankerin' for moar books

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