MDRF Closing

I missed being at faire a lot this month, but not enough to deal with mud and crowds.  We traveled down to the MDRF for closing day to spend some time with my newly-faire-addicted mother, who made her first gown for this weekend.  [I’m so proud.]  We sat in traffic for almost an hour during the last couple miles to the parking lot.  That was not that surprising, since we basically experienced the same thing last season on closing day.  While I was waiting in the ticket line after being cut off so rudely by a paytron and her kids, a wonderful woman came by and comlimented me on my garb.  She then gave me a complimentary ticket; words can’t express how grateful I am that there are still kind people in this world.  Once inside the gates, we were greeted by a mud pit topped with hay and throngs of people–not all of whom know how to stop gawking at playtrons and keep walking.  We surveyed the area, talked with faire friends, had some grub, greeted my mom, got stepped on, surveyed some more, stopped for a show, and made our exit after about three hours.  A woman stepped on my gown with her muddy foot, looked at her muddy foot on my skirt hem in the mud, and kept walking–I watched her, but she never met my eyes.  On the upside, the short time spent there allowed me to avoid the port-a-privvies.  We also got to debut our new ensembles, which will be cleaned and hung for the PARF’s encore next weekend–I can’t wait.

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Thanks for reading my rant!

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