March, with a strange lack of madness

It’s been a while since I posted, so I will try to recollect how many times I touched my sewing machine since the last update.

Let’s see…I worked on my first fabric doll (she’s still naked for the time being), I made the fitter for my cousin’s prom dress (she has to send it back with the adjustments marked, or she’s going to prom naked), I made a panel skirt for a belly dance class friend, and I’m staring at some fleece for a blanket with sleeves that was supposed to be delivered last month (but since I haven’t had a chance to drive down to deliver it, it seemed silly to work on it).  Oh, and I updated all the pictures and links for this blog, which is good, because my original domain name expired last month and over half of the posts and pages have been void of all color.  I finally ordered Margo Anderson’s Comfort Pattern, and QEI’s Wardrobe Unlock’d showed up last month at some point — I don’t know how I managed to stop from reporting that bit of excitement.

Going forward…I don’t want to start any big faire projects right now because it will make stopping to work on the prom dress rather unappealing.   I looked at the fabric for my mistcloak while digging for some hip scarf fabric, and I had some thoughts about how to alter Simplicity 9887 to what I want.  I agreed to do my first solo dance during a show in May, so I am *considering* doing my own costume for that.  I will likely overstress about the choreography and just buy what I want, but we all know that I prefer to create when given the chance.

I’ve had difficulty focusing in recent weeks, so that’s all for now.  Pictures will be posted when I get around to it.

Phone a friend.  Thanks for stopping in to check on me!

Author: SciFiCheerGirl

Hobby costumer, wife, and mom with a dancey-dance problem and a hankerin' for moar books

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