Decisions, decisions

So, it’s hot.  The wave of hot has made me reconsider my previous project plans a bit.  I still want to do the loose kirtle and gown in addition to a one piece gown, but I think the one piece gown will come first.  I’m currently mid-smock, which was going to be used for the comfort ensemble.  I’ll finish it today–it’s so pretty!  I wish I’d decided on this timeline earlier, so that I could have done some embroidery on the cuffs and collar, but I need to practice a lot more before I stitch something people can see.

My new first project is going to land somewhere between an early 16th century Florentine gown and an English fitted kirtle.  It’ll have a high waist, but I probably won’t slope the shoulder straps so drastically.  I’m willing to try side-lacing, but I don’t know how that works with the attached skirt, so I need to do some quick research.  It’ll have a maternity hemline which I can raise for next season–I’ll trace the comfort ensemble hemline so that I don’t screw that up.  I’m going to use the ten yards of mulberry linen that I was going to use for my Tudor Kirtle, making it a reasonable layer under an overgown later.  I’m probably going to make the trim from broadcloth remnants, I just need to see what’s in the stash.  If I do this right, I may only need to make the loose gown, maximizing any crafting time that I might have before I have no energy left.
I’m washing, re-washing, and over washing the linen.

Updates to come!  Thanks for reading!

UPDATE: The smock is complete, and I love it!  Oh, wait – I love most of it.  I stitched the sleeves on backwards.  Whatever…it’s done.  The linen is still being washed and dried and washed and dried.  There are still a lot of hard bits in it, but it’s getting less itchy.  I am back to flip-flopping on which ensemble to make–I would need to go shopping for the comfort ensemble, but I’m not convinced that the linen I have is ideal for the stand alone kirtle that I want to make.  Argh! I hate everything.

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