Back into the light

I do exist!  But, it was touch and go there for a while.  Elsa is here, and I’m mobile again…finally.  October was rough, but we’re down to some semblance of a schedule, so I can devote my baby-rest times to other at-home pursuits.

Obviously, I got nothing done last month.  And, to make it worse, we didn’t get to make it to faire on closing day.  Yesterday was my first solo adventure out of the house, and I went, running, to Joann’s.  I spent two months of my craft budget (to make up for the lost time), and could have spent more.  I decided to stick to my well-researched list and only bothered with sale items.  Today, I’ll be sorting through it all and organizing it into the Tower.  The most necessary item was a new iron, since my lovely Shark decided to break down some months ago, and I haven’t had the heart to replace it.  I still have an old Windmere that I use to iron patterns and for craft projects, so that got me through.  I now have a Sunbeam, which wasn’t on my research radar.  I only picked it up because the jump in price from it to the next brand on the shelf was ridiculous.  I’m still holding onto hope that my Shark can be fixed…*sniff*.

The newest addition to the Tower is a serger, the Brother 1034D.  The hubby–being just a tad more amazing than usual–gave it to me as a birthing gift.  He’s so sweet; and, I suggested it for months before hand, so it’s nice that he was listening.  I hope to watch the intro video today.  Also on tap is the hubby’s Ravens blanket with sleeves.  He’s been waiting patiently since before the pregnancy, and I hope to have a quick hour while the baby’s down to get it done before Thursday’s game.  Of course, I’m using up precious time right now…I’ll go get on that.

There will be updated Tower pictures for the “About Me” page soon, and I am aware that older photos seem to have stopped displaying on the page.  If you click the links, you’ll go to the photos.  I’m not sure how to fix it, but I’ll figure it out later.  I also hope to change the site’s template; if the site goes down, you’ll know why.

Thanks for visiting!

Author: SciFiCheerGirl

Hobby costumer, wife, and mom with a dancey-dance problem and a hankerin' for moar books

2 thoughts on “Back into the light”

  1. Hello and Congratulations!

    I was wondering when the baby arrived! Welcome Elsa, send out some pictures honey when you can and remember sleep when she sleeps!


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