Holiday crafts

I’m officially on the holiday crafting wagon–it’s awesome!  I’m usually so burned out from sewing for faire and Halloween that I don’t pick up my shears until the new year.  Since I missed the bulk of that creative process this year, I put together a few projects and had a great time doing it.  In order of completion:

First up–the item that I’m labeling a Rasta hat.  I followed the TB tutorial and ended up making it too big, but I love the look anyway.  I am going to make smaller one in a dark gray wool that I’ve had since last year’s hat attempt.  The exciting thing about this item is that it’s the first real crocheting I’ve done since I learned as a little girl.  It was super easy and I feel a great sense of accomplishment over its cuteness.  This took less than eight hours with the Tiny Tyrant fussing around in my lap all day.  I doubt it takes even close to that amount of time without interruption.

Next in line–a d4 dice bag.  This project was made for a gift exchange, and we included a set of dice.  If you’ve been perusing my pages, you’ll have seen the Handbags of Holding.  The first pair I made were d20 versions, and the site that has that tutorial also has one for a d12 bag.  I thought that a d4 would be a fun shape for a dice bag, especially since the open space would be excellent for customization.  The pattern didn’t take long to ‘draft’, and after I decided on a size, I just copied the numbering from one of my dice.  With the exception of a zipper, I had all of the materials in my remnant bin.  The numbers and graphic are stamped with fabric ink.  Now I need to jot down some instructions for this one so that I don’t have to remember how to make it in the future.

The last item took five minutes before heading out a holiday party–a second set of leg warmers for Her Highness.  They’re quite big, which is good because she’ll grow into them.  As with the first pair, these were toe socks that couldn’t take the strain anymore.

I think I’ll start planning for next year’s gifts, if only to practice my skills and make a few people smile.  I do have one or two more gifts to make, but, obviously, I can’t share those plans here just yet.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Hobby costumer, wife, and mom with a dancey-dance problem and a hankerin' for moar books

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