The perks of a sleeping baby

Now that the Tiny Princess is sleeping on her own like a big girl, I have some time to play in the Tower.  I managed to finish the two gifts I’d planned, and last night, I started and completed the striped bloomers/pants.  The gifts were a scarf and a Kindle cover.  I’ll post the projects on the pattern review and small projects pages.


I also managed to inventory my faire fabric and to do some reorganization.  On the downside, I have less large pieces of fabric than I thought.  On the upside, I found fabric that I forgot I had.  Anything greater than one yard has been listed and moved to the appropriate bin.  I already have some projects in mind, and I don’t want to wait to get started.  Anything less than one yard has been moved as well, freeing up one whole bin…for more fabric…that I need to buy.  I blew my 2010 craft budget out of the water months ago, so I would like to be a little more responsible for next year.  My plan is to start clearing the remnant bins first–I see a lot of sleeves, bias tape, and pouches in my future.  This will be a great time to work on learning embroidery and hand-beading.  In a couple of months, I’ll be ready to outfit the family with some well-planned projects.

And now, here’s some cute, courtesy of her highness.

*Yes, I know there are scissors near the baby.  She’s barely 3 months old with tiny limbs and couldn’t get at them [yet] if she wanted to.  Get a grip.*

Thanks for reading!

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