…I’m moving in one.

I started the underskirt for my working set of lower class pieces. I made a lining from white cotton that has apparently been treated with stain/rain repellent. Whatever–I don’t even remember buying it. The only reason that I decided to line the skirt is because I don’t have enough black [linen-look] cotton and I wanted to see how much I could cut out of the pattern before I cut into the fashion fabric. I plan to use red linen of a similar weight for the bottom of the skirt (calf and below), but I don’t have examples of what I expect the finished product to be (for some semblance of historical accuracy). If you’ve been reading this blog at all, you know that I generally don’t care about that sort of thing, but this time, it matters. I either need to find a picture to support my two-tone skirt idea, or I need to be able to cut and piece the skirt so that most of it is black with just a red guard. I want to be successful at “shopping my stash”, and this is one of those things that I just know I can do.

[Breathe, girl, breathe.]

In other news, I’ve decided (at the encouragement of a good friend) to give my remnant bin a reason to live. Weekday nights–which are the shortest craft periods that I have–I’ll be making small items to eventually sell at arts & crafts fairs. My favorite part of this plan: once the bin is empty, I can fill it with new fabric! Those poor remnants have been ignored for long enough.

Thanks for stopping by!

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