No, wait, don’t go!

I think my blog ban should be lifted. I’ve learned my lesson, and promise never to trust another browser for as long as there is internet.

Let’s see…I was updating the Working Class page when “The Big Loss” occurred, so we’ll start there. The bodice is too short. I know that I can hike up the skirt a bit and use the apron that I’m going to make as a gap cover, but I’m starting to think that I need to add tabs or something. If necessary, I can lengthen the straps and pin the chemise over the corset top. I’m working the last set of lacing holes, and ran out of craft thread, so I need to make a trip and hope that I can find the same color.

I just made a Sony Reader cover for a friend based on the same pattern that I used for the hubby’s Kindle. It was wa[aaaaaaaaaa]y too big. He sent it back with the device and I was able to get it down to straight jacket size. On a side note, I’ll be getting an e-reader soon, so I get to raid the quilting section for super cute, personality inspired fabric! Yay!

The next sewing table victim is a scarf for a bridal gown. It will be a simple white length of fabric (2″ x a lot”) with rolled hem edges. If we can find a beaded trim or an applique that compliments the gown, I’ll attach that, too. The wedding’s in May, so I’ve got some time for embellishment.

The PARF posted this season’s scenario, so I know what direction the family will be going this season–Italian! Yay! I do want to knock out a working class outfit for the husband first, but right after that, I’m going to get designing. We’ll be going noble, and I need to leave time for all three of us; yes, the Tiny Princess gets her first garb. Then comes the wallet busting trip to the fabric store! Yay!

I apologize for not having any good pictures at the moment, but I will take pictures of the bodice as soon as I finish the lacing holes.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Hobby costumer, wife, and mom with a dancey-dance problem and a hankerin' for moar books

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