B is for Busy

As of two weeks ago, I expected to have my sketches ready for our ren faire ensembles and some fresh fabric on the cutting table. As of today, that is not the case.

The fabric trip last weekend went very well, resulting in both faire and belly dance fabric. We also managed to find a closer Jomar store than the one we visited previously. Relevant major finds were a pretty green damask for me and green taffeta for the husband’s contrast fabric. We’ll see what’s leftover from both to put something on the Tiny Princess. I don’t know how much yardage an Italian gown is going to take, but I only picked up six yards, so we’ll see. I got a yard of buckram just because I was curious. I also grabbed a few yards of twill and broadcloth for the husband’s new working class garb. I haven’t sketched anything yet, and I’m probably going to have to make another trip. This place also has zippers for, like, $0.50, so I might stock up on materials for my d4 bags when I go back up.

Today, I finished a set for a friend who is volunteering as an 18th century blacksmith. I used the MA Gentleman’s pattern in unbleached muslin. I substituted wooden buttons for of hooks & eyes. For the pants, I grabbed Butterick’s American Rev pattern (3072). They’re made of navy twill. I left off the decorative buttons and only used one row of elastic in the waistband–only because I ran out. Everything fits, aside from some extra arm length, I just hope to get some pictures posted.

This week I have to get my dress alterations done for the wedding I’m in. I finally picked up thread, and I only have to pull up the straps and do the hem. After that, I swear, I’m going to get the sketches for our noble garb done. The side project for the next month and a bit is to get some remnant items done to sell–pouches, headbands, whatever.

I’m going to roll over to the page for my working class garb that was *grumble* eaten by the browser.

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Author: SciFiCheerGirl

Hobby costumer, wife, and mom with a dancey-dance problem and a hankerin' for moar books

2 thoughts on “B is for Busy”

  1. Hi! Need inspirational help on getting the Noble Garb begun?

    Have you found your fabrics yet?
    What time are you going to? Front or Back laced? How about your sleeves?
    Any Embroidery?

    Forepart or Kirtle?

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with!


  2. Hey there, lady! I’m doing 1560 – 1570 Italian-ish, I hope.

    I started my husband’s ensemble – I’m finishing the embroidery on the shirt this evening. He’ll be in black corduroy with olive taffeta. I’ll be wearing olive damask, and we’ll both probably have gold accents. I want to do an open front laced gown with slashed sleeves, but I’m still doing some research there. The baby will probably wear a green front laced gown in broadcloth.

    Not much time to get it all done!


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