May flowers

Yay, stuff is getting done!

As of the last post, I really, really, really wanted to go to the PARF’s Costume Sale, but it was scheduled for the day before Easter travel, and I didn’t know if I could convince anyone to go with me. Justifying the trip is easy with a friend, but not by myself in the rain. Well, I did have a friend on hand, and we did make the trip, and it was so much fun. The costume shop had a ton of items for sale between $0.25 and $300. Many of their items were in need of some love but were filled with memories for faire patrons, I’m sure. I only spent $45 and walked away with enough motivation to get me through the faire sewing season. At the end of the trip, my bags contained a pair of sleeves for me, black leather boot covers for the husband, a white chemise/blouse, a twill jacket (to be re-purposed into a pocket belt), bags of trim, embroidered felt bodice pieces, zippers, faux lacings with silver aiglets, and a Queen’s Guard uniform which was only missing the shield emblems. I could have spent a lot more money and time, and I had to stop myself from turning the car around and going back for a second stab at it, but I have no regrets. It was a good time and really neat to be able to see inside the costume shop.

After that excursion, I was more than ready to get started on the family’s garb for this season. However, time-sensitive projects always go first. I finished the alterations on my bridesmaid’s dress–easy enough to complete, but now I want to make jewelry to match, and I just don’t have the energy for that. In addition, I’m supposed to make some items for a flea market this month, but I just don’t have the desire with faire looming only three months away. I figure that one night a week until the event should produce a handful of items, clearing up space in the remnant bin for another trip to Jomar.

As for updates, I’m starting a page for the husband’s new ensemble; the shirt’s prewashing, ironing, and cutting are done. I finally decided to try my hand at embroidery–it’s not great, but I’m impressed with what I’ve done so far. In truth, I haven’t drafted his ensemble, so I don’t know when it’s going to become “Italian”, but I’m confident that I’ll find a drool-worthy painting to steer me in the right direction.

In unrelated news, I only have 100 pages to go in The Heroes by Joe Abercrombie, and I jumped back into George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones audiobook. I’m loving the HBO series. I’m bummed about not being able to see The Borgias, but Showtime has to release it to Netflix eventually. I hear that the costuming is beautiful.

Be productive!

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