So, after I had to order a new throatplate through a local repair shop, I went home and sulked…big time. I was distraught, hopeless, miserable. Accepting defeat, I packed up my machine and took it downstairs with the intention of surrendering it to the nice lady at the repair shop for additional repairs and a tune-up, which it’s never had. I expected to not see it again anytime this century. I considered canceling our trip to the faire. I packed up my older machine in the cabinet and put it up for giveaway on Craigslist. Then, I went back to the shop.

When I got there, we went over the issues that I knew needed to be fixed, and we mused about how terribly I have neglected this machine. I asked her if we could look at some new machines and go over table options, just so that I could start planning for the future and at least hear the whir of a pretty piece of sewing heaven. Well, that very nice lady took me over to the Brother section, noting my interest in them because of my serger.

When I emerged from the dream that was the Innov-is 950D, I was walking to the car with a song in my heart, knowing that, one day, that machine would solve all the world’s problems with the push of a button. I was so giddy when I got home, that the husband thought I’d bought that beauty, and I could read the terror in his eyes. After explaining the trip, I made up my mind that I needed the machine now, so I did my sales pitch, we went over concerns, and I sat patiently at my desk. I was waiting a reasonable amount of time to calm myself down before rushing back to the store for a third time today, to make my dreams come true.

First off, I didn’t expect to spend this much on a machine until I’d sold my first commission and used the proceeds to start a small home business. However, taking a step down in model seemed silly. Second, the accessories and literature that come with this pretty, pretty toy are going to take a lifetime to use and to absorb. Third, it’s as easy to sew with as cutting a block of butter with a butcher knife.

The Husband’s slops panes have finally come together. I had planned to do a variation of the following pattern with my other machine, when I broke it.

That’s a leaf pattern in green down the center, on top of red satin ribbon. It’s bordered with silver, and the slops underlay will be green taffeta.

I am a bundle of joy. Sixteen panes (twenty total pieces upon which to stitch the pattern) have met their match.

Thanks for your support!

Author: SciFiCheerGirl

Hobby costumer, wife, and mom with a dancey-dance problem and a hankerin' for moar books

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