So, here we are

July is closing, and I have two weeks to get the family outfitted. My new Brother still sews like a dream, and it’s stitch patterns are inspiring. I just got my Singer back, and she stitches better than when I first bought her. The shop didn’t replace the throatplate, which is what I originally went in for, but I replaced the part myself within a couple of days. There’s been a lot of sewing going on around here. Here we go, in no particular order, since I skipped around so much that I couldn’t remember anyway.

The first (read: only) project completed thus far is my mother’s new hat. Yay. I love the fabric, and had planned on making a kirtle out of it, but mom took it back for her own stash and made me make her a hat from a portion of it. I knew I should have made my kirtle first. No worries, she swapped me a great striped selection that is destined to be pants and a green diamond piece that will likely become sleeves.

I got smart before I committed to The Husband’s slops panes and went with silver for the center. The picture is a bit out-of-date, since the slops are done, but you get the idea. I do need to take in the thigh bands to keep them high on his legs. There is a codpiece, but I don’t have a shot of that yet.

Amidst the mess that is my Tower, I managed to add cording to my white petticoat. This was the underskirt mock-up that I made to test my working class skirt. I’m short one panel in the gray bias tape, but I’ll make up the difference with brown and hope the overskirt doesn’t come up over my ankles. The pseudo-camicia was Frankenstein-ed from McCall’s 4091. I’ll try to remember to post a closeup of the stitching in the dress diary. The corset is the red and black number from my working class outfit.

This weekend’s goal is to finish His doublet. It’s green taffeta to match the slops underlay. It will have short tabs at the collar, shoulders, waist, and [eventual] sleeve wrists. I plan to keep it simple. I do still need buttons, as I have no intention of making them. I’ll accessorize him with a thin leather belt from which he can hang his pouch…which I think I’ll have time to construct.

My gown shouldn’t be terribly difficult, but I’m short on time, so we’ll see. I need to alter the bodice straps on the pattern and figure out how to calculate box pleats for the skirt. Since I won’t be wearing sleeves for the first weekend, I’ll make matching arm bands to keep the camicia from hanging out by my calves. In an effort to be smart, I picked up Simplicity’s Snow White/Cinderella child’s pattern for the Tiny Tyrant. Drafting a noble gown for a mini human no longer appeals to me. I’m going to do the Snow White version minus the sleeves, cape, and collar. I’ll square the neckline and make her a chemise. I’ll probably whip up more baby booties, since she’s not truly walking yet. The other option is to pick up the child-sized moccasin kit from the craft store, but I don’t want to go there unless I have a real reason.

I’ll get around to updating dress diaries at some point.

Thanks for stopping by!

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