The Steampunk World’s Fair

This was my first Steampunk event and my first attempt at Steampunk costuming. I loved every minute of it!

I’m not going to do an event review, because I don’t feel that I can accurately describe the awesomeness (by the classic definition) that went down last weekend. I will comment that my own costuming and crafting bar has been raised, and I would be doing myself and the community a disservice by not stepping up my game over the next year. I had a fabulous time and met a bunch of really neat people. The music, vendors, and general sense of inclusion made me feel like I found an extra family. If any of you are reading this, I miss you already!

Now, what did I wear? Not nearly as much as I packed. I won’t get into the woes of the outfits that didn’t see the light of day, because they will eventually come out, just not right now. On Friday, I drove up in my mundanes, ’cause I’m no dummy, and I changed into my Fairy Flight Corps uniform.

I’ll post a dress diary when it’s not midnight. Suffice it to say, I really enjoyed thinking about the character, and already have a short story planned at the very least. Aren’t the wings cool? Thank you, Mikie! Lots of strangers asked to take my picture in this outfit, and that always (yes, always) gives me the warm and fuzzies. It was comfy and I felt magical in it!

On Saturday, I was presented with many attire issues, the first of which was that I didn’t reconstruct the suede vest that I picked up at Goodwill, so I had an incomplete outfit. I had already made a badass pair of low-rise jodhpurs, an adorable lace top hat from Urban Threads, and a shortened off-the-shoulder Civil War-ish undershirt. I finally got to wear the riding boots that I’d bought for my pregnant Padme outfit, but I had nothing up top. To start the day, I wore a dance shrug that I’d purchased the night before, and it covered my bra straps. I set out that morning to find a corset or a replacement vest. I’m leery of other people’s corsets ONLY because I’ve made a few for myself, and I know where things should fit. Unfortunately, I was at the mercy of my ignorance of Victorian corset construction, so I decided to get over it. Long story short, Mad Girl Clothing by Pendragon is my new favorite shop. Not only did I find an amazing leather underbust vest that I can wear across multiple sci-fi/fantasy universes, but I also purchased a fabulous chibi-Doctor Who corset dress that I am in love with.

After an amazing day at fair, I changed into my corset dress and swayed the evening away to music I’d never heard before, and instantly liked.

My Sunday morning outfit wasn’t anything to write home about, and I don’t have a picture anyway. Since I only had a couple of hours of fun planned, I faded into the background in a sheer black Lolita style top over a black tank and a pair of skinny jeans. Good times were still had.

As I mentioned, I’ll get a diary up soon-ish. Feel free to comment here if you have any specific questions in the meantime.

Thanks for reading!

Author: SciFiCheerGirl

Hobby costumer, wife, and mom with a dancey-dance problem and a hankerin' for moar books

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