Mid-Winter Check In

Despite a week of illness and some crap weather, I’m still chugging along and slightly more productive with my open projects than I was this time in January. Vacation is coming and cons are approaching quickly, so I’m still working at that ever-elusive “focus” nonsense. But, we’ll get there.

Who turned off my helmet fan? Rude.

One month ago, I mentioned working on a jacket commission. Well, I finished it just shy of the 10-week due date! Woo! The holidays tend to suck up time, and since my studio is the least weather resistant room in the house, winter project timelines can be a challenge. Still–it’s done, and I can make any finishing adjustments with my customer at the drop off. Onto the next!

I finally checked welt pockets off of my bucket list…that I didn’t know I had.

My Livewire suit originally had a completion date of January 25th for the Vita Ayala event at our local comic book shop, but I was so full into the previously mentioned commission and photo editing for a publication and morning gym times and mundane job and mommy-ing and wife-ing, that I finally had to call it. At the time, I had every intention of finishing the suit for a Valiant-ine’s event this week, but we’re two days out and I don’t want to half-ass this one. The new completion date is March 20th. I’ll be out of town that weekend for a belly dance festival with a Heroes & Villains theme. I need a costume for the after-party, which gets pretty competitive. Mind you, I won’t enter the contest, but I do have a slight costume addiction. Plus, in my sketches, the suit lights up, and what good partier doesn’t show up lit?

Heheh…get it? Lit! #momjokes

Three weeks after Livewire [hopefully] leaves the house, I’ll be heading to The Great Philadelphia Comic Con. This year, Michael Dorn is on the schedule, so I’ve planned Lt. Nyota Organa for Friday. That should save me a bit of con crunch time and provide for a post-worthy Trek photo op. On Saturday, I’ll be debuting the only costume that I really feel like working on–18th Century Storm. I keep trying to call her “Courtier Storm”, but the woman is a goddess and a queen in her own right, and deserves better. Name TBD. Anyway. Sunday is typically a good day for families to come out for the convention, especially for the kids’ costume showcase, so I’m working on a My Little Pony/Star Wars mash-up: Twi’Light Sparkle. Yes, she will have multiple holocrons.

Force Friendship!

Three costumes in less than three months isn’t ideal, but it isn’t out of my comfort zone either. I already have lists of lists to keep all the plans straight. I’ve sketched, I’ve swatched, my fabric hoard is in good shape–mostly for some Jedi friendship robes, and I’m familiar with the construction of the pieces that I’ll be sewing. I predict that the larger trials will be smaller accessories, props–many 3D printed, hair–friggin’ wigs, and makeup–start wearin’ purple.

So, with that game plan out into the universe, I think I’ll go finish Storm’s stays! Go Team!

Bonus Content: The Spoonflower sample box is both inspiring and terrifying…for my wallet.




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