The Story So Far

Illness out of the way. Much needed vacation completed. What have I accomplished, where do I want to be at the end of February, and who the hell made all of these online purchases?

I bought an acrylic gem grab bag for ONE red oval. #notsorry

Heading into the last, mostly free weekend before my con crunch begins, I’m definitely behind on the project list…while constantly throwing in new costume ideas. This is why I’m perpetually tired. I haven’t touched Livewire in three weeks. I’ve been working out the lighting in my head, but I still haven’t done a new mock up for the bodysuit, so LEDs are currently irrelevant. Get it? Lighting? Current? Yeah, I know. #momjokes

This is not the EL wire I’m looking for.

Anyway, I promised myself that I would get back to the supersuit after finishing up Storm’s underpinnings. At the tail end of that endeavor, I realized that two of my steel hoops had snapped. The panniers are just over 7 years old, so I was a little miffed at that. Now, I won’t be able to sleep until they’re fixed. My plan is to pick up some polyethylene tubing and couplers from the hardware store, having had success doing the same with a 16th century farthingale some years ago. The tubing won’t rust or snap and is very flexible. That said, it needs to be uncoiled and stretched before hoop insertion, and the hoop lines are more visible than flat steel hoop boning. This means that I’ll need an extra petticoat–probably the mockup for the taffeta petticoat that will go under the gown. In addition to that Get-Back-to-Livewire delay, I distracted myself with Storm’s jewelry, because this whole project gets me excited to get out of bed every morning.


And I’m adding a fourth hoop, because silhouettes are important.
This is going to be the most random petticoat ever.
That left hand ring finger is reserved for my King.
My golds almost match!

My credit card has also been distracted by the black faux taffeta for Storm’s gown, fancy citrine earrings from Dames a la Mode, and these gorgeous Camilles from American Duchess. The latter has prompted me to consider adding costumes from Bitter Root and Sparrowhawk.

Sexy AF and comfy as all get out!

As for progress, today, I’ve run to the hardware store, helped the Hubby install dance mirrors, and ordered taffeta for my sweet girl’s Eliza Schuyler dress. During that ordeal (of not ordering enough fabric to get free shipping), she reminded me of silly hat day at school next week. So, instead of getting right to final adjustments on the underpinnings, I’ll be teaching her to crochet a mouse for her tea time hat idea. I’m honestly delighted to assist her–I’ve been waiting so long for this…but nothing else on my To Do list is getting done.

I love her palette, but I question how much work I’ll be doing.

This week, even accounting for sleep, I plan to have the second Livewire mockup completed, so that I’m ready to cut the primary fabric next weekend. Construction is usually pretty quick on my bodysuits, so I should have time to focus on adding the LEDs and drafting the shoulder/back piece. If this goes well, I can get back to Storm in two weeks…if my taffeta ever arrives….

Bonus content: Go check out #28daysofblackcosplay on all of your social media platforms. The talent and stories are inspirational!

Go Team!

Batgirl out!

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