Special Delivery: Oddity Prodigy Productions

Once upon a time, some friends talked about being creative together. Years later, they made it official.


Today, the imaginative team known as Oddity Prodigy Productions received the shipment of our first collective body of work. “Oh Snap! It’s Oddity Prodigy” is a compilation of stories and art from the framily who has supported my brain for ages. They are my coworkers, friends, personal cheerleaders, and fellow content junkies. Some introduced me to my first comic book convention a decade ago. All encourage my wackadoodle cosplay mash-ups and push me to write the way that I’d planned back when I’d finished my degree. Generally, they let me sit in awe of their artistic skills and pick their brains about all things creative. I ❤ ❤ them greatly.

For this publication, my contribution is Costume Design. There are eight black & white photos of selected costumes. In the issue, you’ll also find cover art from Marcella, short stories from Jacob, Nick, and Pat, comics from Steve, and story art from Jen. You can learn more about OPP at our website and stay up to date with us on Facebook. If you’re interested in supporting future publications, please come out and pick up a copy of “Oh Snap! It’s Oddity Prodigy” at one of our events.


From Our Team to you, thanks for reading!


Author: SciFiCheerGirl

Hobby costumer, wife, and mom with a dancey-dance problem and a hankerin' for moar books

One thought on “Special Delivery: Oddity Prodigy Productions”

  1. I confess I don’t know what this means exactly other than.. You’re amazing and so incredibly inspiring! Love you so much!

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