This Is Not A Year End Review, It’s Just A Tribute

I honestly don’t know where (or when) to begin. I was going to start with the glossed over reasons that prevented me from doing my monthly updates in October and November. Then, I was going to turn those excuses into a “Fall Wrap-up” (cough… Backyard Ren Faire). Then, it was mid-December, and I was firmly planted in a sea of “Have To Do Right Now” projects. Now, it’s the ascot end of December, time for a “Year In Review”, and I’m just sick to death of trying to sum up all that this year was.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.”― Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

I’ll start with some insight on how I normally get these posts out. After I realize that it’s been a month since the last post (clearly, not this time), I open Google Photos and scroll back to the date of my last blog entry. I then make a list of every item I worked on in the studio and any costume related deliveries that came in. Then, I start writing and hope that a point or theme presents itself. I edit and proofread every paragraph aloud repeatedly as I go and again, repeatedly, after the piece is “complete”. Then, I preview the draft and read it aloud again, following a quick re-read of the previous month’s entry to make sure that all old business was covered. As tedious as it may seem, I love my writing process, and I don’t mind my dependence upon The Cloud to remember all that has happened in my day-to-day existence. I appreciate the convenience of this digital system, and since my physical project notes are never in one place, I wouldn’t be able to document most of what I’ve accomplished without it.

And just being alive is an accomplishment right now.

Let’s start with Old Business.

That beautiful Dumpster Fire pocket is still waiting to be stitched up because I need a bigger embroidery machine. However, that didn’t stop me from buying a bunch of other too big files to support small business over the last few months. I’ve known that I was going to upgrade since about two hours after I bought my Brother INNOV-IS 950D nine years ago, but I kept saying “no” because of the investment required. Well, I’ve been an adult long enough to know that I prefer to hear my machines humming over me grumbling as I hoop, re-hoop, and reposition ad nauseum. And no, I will never “contact the seller” to ask for assistance on an issue that I knew I had before purchase. That’s dumb. I knew I would do the upgrade eventually, I just needed a push.

As a bonus, I can’t just walk into a local shop and play with their machines right now…because plague. BUT, I do have an excellent lead and will hopefully have a new-to-me baby very soon.

Over on Instagram, I’ve been enjoying posting WIPs in my Stories. It doesn’t take the place of a project write-up here, but those in-the-moment thoughts help keep my mind in order when I look back. The Like Train has finally calmed down over there, so it’s been mildly easier to keep up with the notifications in my one hour of social media time per day.

Who are all of you? Seriously. I’m not the fun mom that my photos say I am. I like snacky-snacks and nappy-naps and whiskey.

Medieval Princess Zelda and 1598 Hawkgirl will be in a holding pattern for a yet undetermined amount of time. I did finish Zelda’s surcoat hem, and I am very pleased with the result–handpainting the glyphs was incredibly relaxing. I did cut the gown lining but stalled out at basting it for a fit check. I’ve gained a considerable amount of weight during Stay-At-Home, and I honestly don’t have the desire to face those changes right now. With Hawkgirl, I was so hype over the underpinnings that I didn’t consider my silhouette preference over the patterns that I’d chosen to use. So, similar to the Zelda issue, I’m in distress over how I want to pad my curves. Additionally, I absolutely hate the pieced petticoat to the point where I am probably going to send it to storage as a generic piece of garb for future use. With both projects, I need that bigger embroidery machine in order to move forward after the shaping concerns have been addressed. 

And I still haven’t fixed Orko’s head bits. It’s not like I can fit the rest of the costume right now anyway….

So, what has taken my attention from writing at all five of you in the last few months? I assembled my DSA Threads Lace Fan, which means that I’ll need a new gown soon. The Princeling finally got his Hylian Cloak, which was hand painted because I needed the break. I attended virtual Tudor Con, and yes, I did dress up even though I didn’t show my face on Zoom for most of the weekend. My Halloween stashbuster Fairy Godmother turned out great, but most importantly, I thoroughly enjoyed making the Redthreaded Georgian stays. I peeked my head out of hiding and recorded a blacklight belly dance performance. I completed two pieces during the Burnley & Trowbridge English gown workshop–a poly taffeta mini and a stripey linen me-size. I am happy to report that the scary waist cut is now demystified and I’m feeling a bit unstoppable in that very specific situation. If you can manage to get a slot in one of their amazing workshops, I strongly recommend learning with the B&T team.

I made pottage, y’all. It was delicious!

For costume-related purchases, I gifted myself the American Duchess Lindens, my pre-ordered cherry Londerners came in, and just bought imperfect red Emma’s, which should be along in the next couple of weeks. I grabbed a few notions from Burnley & Trowbridge in addition to a new kerchief, black bergere, socks, a bit of broadcloth, a silk, a linen, and a wool. I jumped on the Hamliton Spencer Jacket pattern, benefitting the Costume Industry Coalition, with a plan to make it another stashbuster project. And for the smoothest segue ever, I snagged an 1880’s Victorian corset from Redthreaded, which is being used in the current project on the table.

Closing out the year (and starting the next), I whipped up some stashbuster pieces for the whole family, inspired by the Netflix delight, “Jingle Jangle”. The kids’ outfits look adorable, and Hench Hubby and I should be taking our pics this weekend. 

The square root of impossible is measuring the kids while they’re asleep in their bunk bed.

Looking ahead, I ordered a [virtual] ticket for my first Regency event, hosted by the Teel House in January, so I’ll be moving forward with my underpinnings and mock-up for Sailor Mercury. That’s it. That’s the only plan right now. With the way this year went, I don’t want to plan too far in advance. Hopefully, whatever was stuck in our collective craw will pass so that we can get a little frakking peace.

For everyone who needs to hear it, I see you, and I’m with you. We’ve got this.

Author: SciFiCheerGirl

Hobby costumer, wife, and mom with a dancey-dance problem and a hankerin' for moar books

One thought on “This Is Not A Year End Review, It’s Just A Tribute”

  1. Have a wonderful and productive New Year! Thanks for posting updates, too, as seeing what people make always impresses me. Enjoy!

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