Swashbuckler weekend at PARF

Today tested my new lower class bodice and the intended’s new shirt, which held up very well.  We got a chance to see the chess match and a few more shows, and we also visited a few shops.  During the day, we entered the Swashbuckler Steeplechase and won second place!  My part was standing around helpless (“Save me, save me, someone save me!”, no really, that was my line), and The Intended certainly shined as my swashbuckling hero.  I always forget his theatre talent….  My shopping goals included a pewter goblet for my upper class garb, a straw hat, and a pair of shoes.  I decided to forgo the goblet when I bought a really cool magnetic jewelry piece.  It has beautiful beadwork, and can wrap into a bunch of nifty pieces.  You can just barely see it in my lower class bodice photo as a circlet.  The straw hat was found as a bonus in the shop where I purchased the shoes.  The shoes will not match any garb that I wear this season, but I couldn’t buy basic black maryjanes with those cute little blue maryjanes staring me in the face.  Oh, well.  It was another good faire day, and I have a few weeks to finish The Intended’s noble garb (diary to come) as well as a smock for myself.

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Opening Weekend

Opening weekend finally came and was great.  Anticipating wardrobe complications, we set out to see the storyline and bypass shopping since my skirts would be difficult to navigate through the shops.  I did get to see a few vendors, but did not get to see some of the storyline.  The chess match and ultimate joust were packed, and instead of sitting in the grass many audience members decided to stand in front of where we had been sitting for quite some time.  Even the ones who turned around and looked at us, turned right back around with a look of “well I’m not sitting, so they should stand”.  Oh, well.  We’ll hit those shows the next time through, and we’ll leave enough time to sit closer.   Three of us went this weekend, and only one of three (moi) went in garb.  However, I got a “I’ll wear whatever you want to make” from my intended once the day was in full swing, so I’ll get to work and see what I can get together in two weeks.  He should have never said it.


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