Behind the Mice

Hi new peoples! My name is Tiny Princess and today I will be telling you guys about my mom’s costume: 18th century Princess Allura from Voltron! In my opinion, all of her costumes are AMAZING but this one is pretty spectacular. On her dress you see her custom-made fabric with Allura’s #1 favorite flower: the Juniberry flower! That’s right folks! She also has these ADORABLE little super-luper-MEGA soft cats that stand for each of the lions. She had one extra whose name is now Speckles, (named by yours truly ‘cause of his black and brown speckles) is mine! That’s all the info on that costume (for now) but make sure to check in sometimes for a behind the scenes adventure! Stay tuned! (this message will self-destruct, Bye!)

CatCosmos, Kid Photographer
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