What Have We Learned, Children?

Y’all. I am so happy that school is back in session. With fall in progress, my homebound podlings spend the weekdays in their own virtual learning spaces and busy silence has once again descended upon our abode. I applaud the teachers everyday for their hard work, which allows me to remain focused on my own 9-to-5. My babies have already been taught how to wash their clothes and how to unload the dishwasher this summer, so I clearly have nothing left to teach them.

I also taught them about the Stalk Market because I’m a good parent.
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Look How Far We’ve Come

When last we spoke, I still had a month and a half of projects and events to enjoy. Well, I’ve enjoyed them, and now I’m done. Just done. I mean, my table is holding four WIPs, two of three dressforms are wearing half-constructed garments, there’s a commission pending in my inbox, and I have a pile of fleece waiting to become sleeved blankets for the kids, but I’m, like, not required to wear a costume until March…except for the 20s NYE party in two weeks…le sigh.

Somewhere in this hoard is a one-hour dress waiting to be made.

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