Look How Far We’ve Come

When last we spoke, I still had a month and a half of projects and events to enjoy. Well, I’ve enjoyed them, and now I’m done. Just done. I mean, my table is holding four WIPs, two of three dressforms are wearing half-constructed garments, there’s a commission pending in my inbox, and I have a pile of fleece waiting to become sleeved blankets for the kids, but I’m, like, not required to wear a costume until March…except for the 20s NYE party in two weeks…le sigh.

Somewhere in this hoard is a one-hour dress waiting to be made.

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Looks Like We Made It

We made it to November! Congrats, Team! I’m so very proud of you. Time to clean our studios, wash and repair this season’s costumes for storage, and settle in for a simple, quiet, sleepy off-season. What’s that you say? There are events the next six weekends, you currently have three costumes in progress, and one of those has a hard mid-Winter deadline? Oh, cool. Well, no rest for you then. Back to work!

It was so clean before fall…so clean.

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