Bringing It Home: Part Two

My last short post announced the wardrobe challenge started by Ashb0 at belle la vie, and I lived through it!

The challenging part for me is that my typical work attire is jeans and a graphic tee; working in a call center fits my “style” rather comfortably. For October, I stayed away from the jeans as much as possible, wearing at least one homemade item per week. By the end, I only missed one post and that’s because I was too busy to take a good picture–more on that later. All of the outfits are on Instagram, but I’ll highlight a few of my favorites here.

Day 8: Literary was devoted to Shakespeare (shocker). I made the earrings, cardigan chain, and skirt. According to Pantone, the bright colors I chose work together this season.


Now, I’m going to take a break for a cute kid alert. The Little Princess wanted a new costume for the faire that would allow her to wear her new bracers, so she finally got the Link tunic and hat that I’d hoped to make her at some point. We didn’t decide until that morning, so I whipped it up in a half hour.

wpid-20141011_134537-1.jpg wpid-20141011_133429.jpg

Day 15: Virtual Reality was a day for gaming gear, not necessarily a specific video game, which was Day 16. I knew that I’d end up wearing my Wii hoodie with jeans, so I made it a late night and came up with a Super Mario Bros. dress. I did a sleeveless version of the Colette Laurel dress with a keyhole neckline. The earrings were made by Ashb0 because she’s amazing.


Day 24: Characters – The Doctor was easy. Clearly, I was going to do a Doctor Who outfit, but I have more than a handful of DW tees, costume pieces, even a corset dress, so narrowing it down became making some new bits. Since I don’t have much Eleven love, I decided to go that route. I made a pair of faux suspenders out of red belting that I grabbed at Jomar. They have loops on each end and the belt is passed through them, crossing in the back. The bowtie necklace is made of clay, and I think I might paint it.


Day 26: Ghostly Fashion is the day I was too busy to take a good picture. I had a full day of bellydance–workshops during the day and a show in the evening. My fusion piece was Corpse Bride/Bride of Frankenstein themed so here’s a post-performance headshot (taken during our bedtime routine) and a link to the performance video.

Sleepy Bride of Frankenstein

Day 27: Psychosis was more like me than I care to admit. I love saddle shoes and cardigans. I also love “The Bad Seed”…so…there’s that. I made a circle skirt dress with a Peter Pan collar on the first try out of a woven fabric and I managed to make it in such a way that I can slip it on like a t-shirt. When I got to work that morning, a drill had been left on my desk. It was just meant to be.


While all of this madness was happening, I also had to come up with a Halloween costume. I won’t bore you with how it started, but I hope you enjoy the final piece. The corset is by MayFaire Moon and was originally purchased for my X-Wing Fairy. I made the wings out of buckram, play money, cellophane, and copious amounts of acrylic gems and glue. The rest of the outfit is two pieces: an orange underdress with white chiffon sleeves and a white chiffon overskirt with an orange forepart. The fake money is sewn into the skirt trim and origami money butterflies are sewn down the front and pinned into my fro. I used our company logo in obvious ways. Here is my Billing (as in Accounts Receivable) Fairy.

Billing Fairy

Last month was crazy, and it’s going to take another month to clean and close up shop for the holidays. Regardless, it was totally worth it. I added a lot of jewelry and skirts to my closet. I became so dependent upon the challenge list that I couldn’t remember how to pick out clothes for work this morning. I almost miss wearing a uniform. Anyhoo…

Thanks for hanging in for this two part post! Keep doin’ you!


Summer Wrap-Up

HAHAHAHA…It’s September.


Moving on.

So July and August came and went in a flurry of activity, and in case I didn’t mention it, I have an Instagram account now. Those two things are only related because despite having an account and following really nifty people, I haven’t figured out what it’s for. Are any of you who know me surprised? Feel free to send suggestions for better management of social media. At this point, I just link each thing to each other thing so that I can access my own content from whichever app runs the fastest on my poor phone that day.

Blogging is a great way to record how I made stuff, since I make it up as I go along and rarely remember what I did from event to event. It’s also better than my physical closet, since I also forget that I have at least one costume for every fandom that is special to me and I really need to curb the desire to make so many. Mom brain is the worst. To provide insight on my “process”, I’ll run down what I consider to be a banner month.

  • I get an idea for what I think is a costume that will appeal to the event’s primary audience (ex: comic based character for a comic con, a companion for a Doctor Who marathon, something stupidly complex for Halloween even though I’m only wearing it to work for a few hours and only a dozen people care).
  • I work through the design, listing all of the pieces I plan to include. Then, I shop my stash and make a list of anything I don’t have.
  • From the inside out, I make, buy, or alter the costume’s pieces and props while working a full-time job and keeping my husband and two kids alive and moderately happy. This equates to two hours per weeknight with interrupted eight hour stints on Saturday and Sunday, IF I don’t have other events. HA.
  • The last couple of days before the event, my sleep schedule drops to a max of 5 hours (infants and toddlers do not give a shit how tired Mommy is), so I just double up the caffeine and power through.
  • The event happens and is a magical experience that I will never forget…until I do.
  • Upon unpacking the car after the event, none of the luggage makes it too much further than the inside of the front door and stays there until the following weekend.
  • I sit down at my handy dandy laptop, open up my WP dashboard and my Google calendar, throw down pictures on the page in chronological order (that random strangers were kind enough to take, since I’m horrid at it), and fill in the blank spaces with words that I hope make sense to my six or so readers (love y’all).
  • Lastly, I frown at the mess around me, close the laptop and go to bed.

“Where did this rant come from?” you ask. We just returned from the Baltimore Comic Con, and it was the best year yet! I’m slowly descending from the high, so I wanted to write it down before I’m slammed back into reality while cleaning up the costume shrapnel blast in my front room. Let’s go back to July.

My friend is on the local Rocky Horror Picture Show cast, and convinced me to attend their Disney night. Clearly, I needed a mash-up, so [after drafting a much too complex burlesque Mulan] I happily settled on Dr. Facilier (The Princess & the Frog) as Columbia. Bonus: I had everything on hand. Please note the face makeup is a cross between the floor show and Facilier’s voodoo look. I’m still proud of myself for this one.


Near the end of the month, I provided craft supplies and support to my brother and his friends for Otakon. I also made another eye patch (Debito, Deadman Wonderland) and painted and sewed in a zipper for a Tokyo Ghoul mask.

August brought the beginning of the PA Ren Faire, and my Tiny Princess requested a Rapunzel dress. Since PARF switched things up to Henry VIII, I chose a Tudor style for the Tangled look. Her pouch is a stylized Pascal and may be the cutest functional item I’ve made yet. Husband’s existing green Italian-ish doublet was altered by adding a skirt. I had exactly enough green left and lined it with a floral black and gold curtain panel.

20140802_155934 20140802_151805

On an exciting note, The Tudor Tailor had a sale last month, so I picked up their fitted gown and French Hood patterns for me and the hose pattern for Husband. I can’t wait to make new outfits in the off season.

Closing out this chapter was Baltimore Comic Con, which, again, was so very great. I had planned on three costumes to cover the now three day con, but I couldn’t decide what to wear on the first day and didn’t want to wear something I already had. I don’t often regret decisions…but I’ll leave it at that. On Day 2, I wore my new Dee of Rat Queens costume. I loved making this, and I was crazy happy at the number of fans at BCC. I had perma-smile when I wasn’t trying to pose like a badass.

14 - 6

On Day 3, the fam pulled out our Saga cosplay and received a number of compliments both in person and online. It felt good. I had a malfunction with my wing attachments, so I added the jacket as we were walking out the door. Despite the sweat, I liked the look much better.

Saga Family
Photo credit:

It still feels good. I’ve said it before: I love my family.

You guys are pretty great too. If you happen to run across any comic con photos of me and my friends, please send along links.

  • Day 1, I was dressed in a Captain America cropped vest and jeans with Jessica Rabbit (50’s Housewife) and Selene (Underworld).
  • Day 2, I was Dee, walking around with Catwoman (TV – Julie Newmar) and Gamora (GotG).
  • Day 3, My family was the Saga family with Poison Ivy (as Elsa, Frozen) and The Bat-fan-girl.

Dress how you want, when you want. Thanks for reading!