Wedding…what wedding?  In order to distract myself from things that I could be doing that are important, I dedicated some time to the farthingale for the doublet dress project.  JoAnn’s was having a holiday sale, which I attended with the Intended’s blessing and assistance.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get what I went in for, which I thought was fabric for the farthingale so that it could be pretty.  I came out with a beautiful muted gold damask (>5 yards) and a couple of yards of a silk remnant–hello, court gown for opening day!  In punishment for my sins against the current project, the farthingale will be likened to the amazing technicolor dreamcoat.

I’ve set aside a day to work on alterations for the wedding gown, for which I’ll have an experienced mind in attendance.  Unfortunately, that day will also be used to shop for veil components and possibly a gown slip unless I can find a used one before then.  I have yet to diagnose the new sewing machine, but I’ll get on that soon enough.  I’m almost caught up on my TV viewing, but I’m behind on video games.  I haven’t done any yarn or jewelry-craft in weeks.  My ocarina has a new velvet pouch, but I haven’t actually played it in months.  I really should prioritize my hobbies one day.

Anyway, I’m tired and out of words.  I thank you for dropping by.


Finally sewing again

Football season is over, and I have nothing officially scheduled that isn’t wedding related.  I have taken the time to get back to not doing anything [that-makes-people-other-than-me-happy].

Most exciting: there is a new addition to the apartment.  A friend was letting go of a Singer 457 in a cabinet, and I was able to take it in with the nod from the Intended.   It needs a little love that a cleaner/repair person can give, and it will hopefully serve as a supplement to my current machine.

Machine1 Machine2 Machine3 Machine4

Also, I have been able to put in some work on the doublet gown project.  The diary for that will be up shortly.  I still haven’t given any thought to an opening day gown, but I’m sure I’ll get there.

More to come – thanks for reading!