Just another update

So, the farthingale for the Double Gown project is “done”, but it’s a hot mess.  I think it’ll work, and I don’t plan on redoing it.  I may have to tuck it up about one half inch, but I will probably just sew a guard on the bottom of the under-dress since it needs one anyway.  Once the farthingale was done, I decided to put the project on hold.  I’m much too interested in starting the gown for opening day and I still haven’t found black fabric for the doublet gown yet. Plus, I had to clear the sewing area to work on my wedding veil, which forced me to put away the open projects I had.  Getting organized also made it possible for me to do a sort of inventory on my fabric boxes.

For my opening day gown, I’ll be starting from scratch: new corset (untabbed), resizing the smock disaster, new underskirt (so that I can make a detachable forepart), the gown, and a beaded partlet (I can dream, right?) with matching coif. I started the corset mock-up today, and I hope to stop by Joann’s for some supplies tomorrow.  May the sewing gods smile upon me….

Thanks for your time!



Wedding…what wedding?  In order to distract myself from things that I could be doing that are important, I dedicated some time to the farthingale for the doublet dress project.  JoAnn’s was having a holiday sale, which I attended with the Intended’s blessing and assistance.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get what I went in for, which I thought was fabric for the farthingale so that it could be pretty.  I came out with a beautiful muted gold damask (>5 yards) and a couple of yards of a silk remnant–hello, court gown for opening day!  In punishment for my sins against the current project, the farthingale will be likened to the amazing technicolor dreamcoat.

I’ve set aside a day to work on alterations for the wedding gown, for which I’ll have an experienced mind in attendance.  Unfortunately, that day will also be used to shop for veil components and possibly a gown slip unless I can find a used one before then.  I have yet to diagnose the new sewing machine, but I’ll get on that soon enough.  I’m almost caught up on my TV viewing, but I’m behind on video games.  I haven’t done any yarn or jewelry-craft in weeks.  My ocarina has a new velvet pouch, but I haven’t actually played it in months.  I really should prioritize my hobbies one day.

Anyway, I’m tired and out of words.  I thank you for dropping by.