The Jumpsuit

Once upon a time, there was a jumpsuit sitting on my sewing table. It belonged to my little brother, who asked me to cut and apply a heat transfer vinyl design to the garment. The jumpsuit had been in my possession for nearly two months (he disagrees with that timeline). This was not a commission–my brother is a costumer in his own right, and we often do costume pieces for one another. I just happen to have a craft cutting machine, and this job should have only taken an hour. I fear that this quick, non-project may have been an indicator of what is to come in 2020, so I’m taking steps to get better.

Magnetic lashes are bomb.

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Look How Far We’ve Come

When last we spoke, I still had a month and a half of projects and events to enjoy. Well, I’ve enjoyed them, and now I’m done. Just done. I mean, my table is holding four WIPs, two of three dressforms are wearing half-constructed garments, there’s a commission pending in my inbox, and I have a pile of fleece waiting to become sleeved blankets for the kids, but I’m, like, not required to wear a costume until March…except for the 20s NYE party in two weeks…le sigh.

Somewhere in this hoard is a one-hour dress waiting to be made.

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