Unseasonal Productivity Or: False Sprints

Well, hello there! I really hope these late updates don’t become a trend for me again. I had every intention of putting out a February blog post about bewbs (GASP), but I opted for 28 Days of Black Cosplay story updates on IG instead…because priorities. Obviously, I’ll get that sweet, sweet decolletage content out, but it’s picture heavy (titter) and taking slightly longer than I’d hoped. For this round, let’s try an early 2021 review and try to get me on track for…I dunno…something. 

Wracking up year-long projects like frequent flyer miles…
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What Have We Learned, Children?

Y’all. I am so happy that school is back in session. With fall in progress, my homebound podlings spend the weekdays in their own virtual learning spaces and busy silence has once again descended upon our abode. I applaud the teachers everyday for their hard work, which allows me to remain focused on my own 9-to-5. My babies have already been taught how to wash their clothes and how to unload the dishwasher this summer, so I clearly have nothing left to teach them.

I also taught them about the Stalk Market because I’m a good parent.
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