CON! Review: Great Philly! That’s A Good Time

Announcements for one of my favorite conventions have starting streaming out this month–The Great Philadelphia Comic Con, April 12th – 14th in Oaks, PA. They have a great mix of media guests, their Artist Alley is impressive, and the vendors in the two years that I’ve attended have been phenomenal!



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Cosplay Review: Hrothgar’s Hoard Wands

This week we’re going to take a look at a piece that will be available very soon for magic enthusiasts everywhere.

Hrothgar’s Hoard, a high quality gaming accessory brand, was recommended to me by fellow board gamer, Kristen (IG: @blooming.boards). The company is launching a collection of custom wands in a Kickstarter campaign next week (10/02/2018) called Dragon-Slayer: RPG & Cosplay Wands. I was overjoyed to get in on the pre-launch excitement with this beautiful acrylic and hardwood wand.


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