This Week in ‘Costuming While Black’

Today, I was reminded that I have a Facebook page, and while I post infrequently, it is still an expected point of contact with the world outside of our little quarantine bubble. I am generally overwhelmed by social media and have neither the time nor the inclination to engage keyboard commandos with fervor. I do enjoy wading in costuming and event groups, but writing a comment can take an hour of choosing my words very carefully, so I usually just hit the “like” button and move on.

Thanks to a Ted Talk, I always ask myself before posting, “Does this need to be said? By me? Right now?”
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I’ve added the project pages for the 2012 Halloween season (before the end of the year, so ‘ha’). Most of them are under “My Closet” and a few were added under “Wardrobe of the Tiny Princess”. I changed the general format from reflections to notes–for my benefit more than yours. I forget things that I often need to repeat later.

This year was a lot of fun, and I learned many new techniques. I met loads of talented people and doubled my fabric stash. I’m already looking forward to next year with a schedule full of faires, bellydance, Steampunk, and a geeky convention or two. My continuing mission, however, is to organize my fabric stash. I started that particular piece of fun this week, and I’m going to try to avoid sewing anything new until it’s done.

As always, this blog is a work in progress. If you find something I’ve neglected, feel free to let me know in the comments section of that particular item. I also welcome comments, questions, and suggestions for new costumes. I’m only going to get better as I try new things, right?

Here’s to new experiences in a new year! Oh, and here’s to our awesome Christmas tree topper!

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