1780s Princess Allura

It’s historical mash-up time! Honestly, this one started with my first American Duchess shoes, the pink Kensington’s. I’d started plans for her before Georgian Storm, but felt that my planned details wouldn’t read as well at Comic Con. Like Storm, the American Duchess Guide to 18th Century Dressmaking fit my speed and needs perfectly.

1780s Sketch from “Patterns of Fashion 1”; Princess Allura from “Voltron: Legendary Defender”
Smock$0.00Stash item; white cotton
Pink Clocked Silk Stockings$20.00American Duchess
Pink Kensingtons & Buckles$190.00American Duchess
Under-petticoat$0.00Stash item; heavy linen
Stays$0.00Stash item
False rump$0.00Stuffed with poly-fill
Pockets$0.00Stash fabric and embroidery floss
Petticoat$0.00Entire back panel is pieced with stash fabric and, therefore, machine sewn and serged
Anime Elf Ears$0.00Aradani
White wrap$0.00Used multiple lenths of cotton and a B&T white handkerchief, tied with gold tafetta ribbon
Pendant Choker$6.88Silk ribbon from Dames a la Mode w/ green bead from the stash
Collet Earrings$18.88Dames a la Mode
Fichu$0.00Made from stash fabric
Gown$100.72Customer designed Spoonflower fabric, entirely handsewn
Blue Bow$0.00Made from petticoat scraps
Voltron Brooch$0.00Magazine clipping and brooch blank
White Hat w/ Gold Accents$0.00Hat base from Mom Mom’s stash; gold taffeta from stash
Basket$0.00Gift basket, stuffed with fabric; ribbon handle from stash
Zarkon Toy$0.00Handsewn toy from fabric scraps
Mice for hat$0.00Handsewn toy from fabric scraps

I started this ensemble with the lovely lady lumps back in October 2019, and the only item not completed at the time of the backyard photoshoot on April 25, 2020 is the embroidered pocket. Without a con (thanks Covid), I didn’t have a great need for a spot to stash my cellphone and snacks. Having time to handsew the gown was an unexpected gift, setting me on a path to lower stress and increasingly smaller stitches. I absolutely love every piece of this outfit and could not be happier with the techniques I learned during the process.

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