Costume Closet Through The Years

2012, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Super Hero Costume Contest – 1st Place: Raven (Updated) – I added a flap to the closure and switched to flesh colored tights with sneakers and black fold over socks.

2009, UPenn Comic Book “Convention”: Raven – Using my Barriss Offee cloak from two years earlier, I was inspired by the TT cartoon version. I ran a few rows of stitches to shape the hood and added her clasp, belt, and wrist pieces with vinyl, felt, and hot glue.

2008, Work Halloween Contest – 1st place: Murloc – a dream realized in felt and hot glue

2008, Halloween: Dr. Mrs. The Monarch & The Monarch (post party) – no pattern, just a lot of guessing with arts and crafts

2007, Work Halloween Contest – 2nd place: Barriss Offee – Cloak (Simplicity 9887)


2007/2009 Halloween: Darth Sidious / Druid – Cloak (Simplicity 9887)

2007, Halloween: Cleopatra – Gown and accessories (McCall’s M4954, with creative liberties), Marc Antony – Tunic/toga/belt (Simplicity 4213, with creative liberties)

2006, Work Halloween Contest – 2nd place: Little Red Riding Hood – Cloak (Simplicity 5794) Skirt (Simplicity 8851)

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