Odds & Ends

Garb accessories and minor creations that weren’t big enough for their own pages.

Handbags of holding (dice bags) mine is green, the hubby’s is purple, the red one was gifted, the black one is an evening bag with the Urban Threads logo

Materials: canvas, lining fabric, InnerFuse, 12 3/4″ or 14″ zipper, 18″ cording

Pyrate bracers, base shape from Butterick 5371 – lined, interlined, interfaced studded twill with leather cording (currently black, not brown) and metal grommets; turned for design and sizing reasons rather than being bound all around

Men’s doublet,  Simplicity 4059 – blue linen remnants lined with white cotton remnants, metal grommets, brown leather cording; pattern ran big–will size down next time

Men’s shirt, Simplicity 4059 – Originally thought to be a light turquoise cotton gauze, later suspected to be a poly/cotton blend; no closures as of today; pattern ran big–will size down next time

My wedding veil, Butterick 4487 (with adjustments) and garter (themed for my husband–Ravens football, dice, Orioles baseball)

Tabard, all guess work – custom made for a friend based on a D&D deity’s symbol, the mask of Olidammara

Materials: black and white cotton twill, gray sateen, Bedazzler studs

Blankets with sleeves, no pattern – fleece lining, Joann’s SuperSoft fabric for the outer layer

Large belt pouch, no pattern – I had considered adding grommets for cording so that it can also be a shoulder bag.  It’s still a possibility, along with a beaded design on the top, because this bag is boring.

Materials: cotton brocade (?), canvas flatlining, muslin lining

Belly dance cover up, no pattern – green satin(-ish), organza ribbon at the neck.  The construction isn’t pretty (raw edges on the inside), but I designed it on the fly.

Tie-on pocket, no pattern – red twill, black single fold bias tape, black satin ribbon.  I made this as an alternative to my normal belt pouches.  It can be tied around the waist or tied to laces on whatever I’m wearing.

Customized scarf – fleece with felt letters.  The scarf edges are serged, and the letters are hand-sewn with upholstery thread.

Kindle cover from Chica and Jo – quilting swatches, elastic, chipboard.  Excellent design, easy instructions.

20121018_205342 20121018_205354155313_10151213654759519_524995370_n

Dark cloak – Simplicity 9887 – Added a face cover in netting for extra terror

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