Airship Pirate

I needed an outfit for a Halloween party and a reason to disassemble a few Nerf guns. Here we go.

IMG_8477 IMG_8492 IMG_8491

Shirt: Simplicity 2890, shortened

Low Rise Pants: Simplicity 3677, shortened rise and added stiffened cuffs and waist band

Torso warmer w/ matching wrist warmers: See below
Materials – Old sweater 2 sizes too small, yarn, scissors, yarn needle

  • Turn inside out
  • Cut off sleeves
  • Make a slit in top side of sleeve for thumbhole
  • Pull up the sleeves and mark just below the elbow
  • Cut off the top of the sleeve at the mark
  • Roll down the tops of the arm warmers
  • Fold shirt in half lengthwise down the front matching armholes (works for back or at side seams too)
  • Cut a length of yarn and thread it through a needle (I used my hand to center chest length, doubled)
  • Starting at the bottom of the sweater (here, above the varied knitting at the hem), sew the yarn an inch from the fold: up from the bottom, then to the left, repeat until you reach your desired neckline; keep the stitches loose
  • Cut a slit down the center front and fold the edges down to the inside

Holsters: Made on the way out the door, so don’t ask

Goggles, vest, belt, boots: Purchased

Weapons painting: YouTube

  • Disassembled, taking pictures as I went
  • Black spray paint on all pieces (I did not use primer this time.)
  • Acrylic paints in copper, gold, gunmetal, white, red, and brown
  • Reassembled and tested
  • Various metal findings and acrylic gems applied with hotglue
  • I managed to strip a screw and had to wrap fabric around the handle of gun #2. I like it.

I’m thinking that this is my go to Steampunk outfit. It’s comfy and functional. Someone said to me “Steampunk? Isn’t that going out of style?” I laughed in his face and told him that I’m just getting started.

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