Batgirl, 1567

I had hoped to wear this one for both Halloween 2012 at work and to the PARF, but a few other projects jumped in at the last minute, so I only wore it for Halloween. I see this as the start of a whole renaissance super hero thing cause it’s fun, and it’s a thing to do.

For my inspiration and my research, I read Marvel 1602Batgirl #0, 1, Flood, and Showcase, and I infused my Assassin’s Creed II playtime into the design drafts.

Here we go, in dressing order.

wpid-20121031_153140-1.jpg Batgirl, 1567: Unmasked

Tights: Purchased – opaque black shapers

High Neck Chemise:

Corset: #3

Short Slops:
Materials – black stretch corduroy, black & gold gimp trim, ¼” elastic, 2” elastic
Notes – Next time, I’ll add an extra two inches at the top so that the waistband sits at the waist. Now that I know the pattern is awesome, I also know to add the trim before I sew the crotch seam.


Shoes: Purchased – black cloth Mary Janes

Hair and makeup: Center part w/ hair loosely twisted in a comb; smokey eyes in gray and gunmetal, bronzer on cheeks, dark mauve lips

Side-back Lacing Bodice w/ split skirting and shoulder wings: Margo Anderson, Elizabethan Lady’s Wardrobe
Materials – black stretch corduroy, gold ⅛” cord, unbleached duck, brown 1” twill tape, gold satin piping, purple lacing ribbon

  • Couched bat design
    • Drew a stylized bat on graph paper; traced it heavily with chalk; pressed the chalk into the corduroy; couched over the design with tacking stitches at points and intersections, then with fill-in stitches; ironed fusible interfacing on the reverse to secure the thread ends
  • There are hidden pockets in the skirting for viles of tactical beads and Bat-lavender.
  • There is a loop of twill tape on the inside for hanging items below the bodice, separate from the belt.

IMG_8503IMG_8504IMG_8510  IMG_8506

Attifet: Margo Anderson, Elizabethan Wardrobe Accessories
Materials – Red & gold gimp trim over black netting, black silk band and brim

IMG_8261 IMG_8259

Belt: Re-purposed it from a pair of purchased pants

  • Bola – Curtain ties
  • Pouch – Pre-existing
  • Hemp rope


Half Cape: Margo Anderson, Elizabethan Gentleman’s Wardrobe

Materials – black stretch corduroy, black and gold leaf motif curtain, black & gold gimp trim, black shoe string braid, broadcloth for piecing


Bracers: Butterick 5371, pointed

Materials – black stretch corduroy, black twill, black broadcloth, metal eyelets, black shoe string braid

  • The bats are made of craft foam: heated, shaped, colored with Rub ‘n Buff, coated with floor polish, and attached to the fashion fabric with paper fasteners.

IMG_8326 IMG_8501

Mask: Purchased – (MD Ren Faire)


Bat Purse: Custom

Materials – Red velvet, black lining fabric, 2″ satin ribbon, black acrylic paint


UPDATE: 12/14/2020 – As my favorite costume ever, Batgirl has undergone a few updates since her original iteration. The slops in particular needed to be replaced, which I was able to do with an old velvet jacket and reclaimed strips from the previous quick breeches. I also added the American Duchess Stratford shoes, which I’d been lusting after since 2014. The red curly wig was an aesthetic choice, but got me more than a few “Ooh, Batwoman” shout outs than I’d expected, so I’m waffling on that one.

Photographer: SeryusFoto
Ocean City Comic Con 2019

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