D&D Bobby Soxer

I did this costume the night before Decades Day during Spirit Week at my office. Since I was already working on a labor intensive Princess Zelda costume for the next day, I had to do something simple or not dress up at all. I can’t even remember where I came up with the idea for this one.

The circle skirt is a very simple thing to make and any Google search will likely give multiple results of the same math. I used taupe (?) fabric that I imagine would have make a nice pair of work pants. I did choose to do a thick waist band due to my short-waisted, big-busted, wide-hipped-ness, and I darted it on the sides to fit snugly. I picked up a pair of crocheted dragons at faire last season that I never used, and tacked them down in the “poodle” position.

The polo shirt was something I wore frequently in my everyday wardrobe. I chalked and studded a dungeon door onto the back and my ‘S’ onto the front.

The earrings were whipped up with metal dice charms and fish hook style posts (?) that I had lying around. I already had a pair of saddle shoes and fold over socks in the closet, because, who doesn’t? I used a large ponytail hair piece on top of my head, tied with a white ribbon, and I did a subtle cat-eye with liquid liner.

Studding the shirt took the longest, since the silver studs originally came in a Bedazzler pack, and I didn’t use the tool itself. I painstakingly pushed down all of the pins by hand, and I’m still convinced that it was easier than using the Bedazzler would have been. The most rewarding part of the project was the waistband on the skirt. I guesstimated how wide it needed to be and got it right on the first attempt. I can’t help feeling like I’ve made too many waistbands to do it incorrectly. I was also more than pleased to break out the saddle shoes again, because, who wouldn’t be? The costume was well-received, and I wouldn’t change anything.

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