Baby Dragon – 1 year


We knew we’d be spending at least one holiday-themed day at the faire, and, on the off chance that the Princess would be in a posing mood, we wanted to dress her up. The husband came up with the idea to do St. George and the dragon, and I was already using/altering Simplicity 2506 for an Ewok costume for her best friend.

I started with the dinosaur (view C) and added the devil horns (view E), just transferring the markings from both head pieces. The base fabric is green flannel, leftover from a cloak. The lining for the head is felt. I used wide iridescent ribbon for the fin interior. I wanted something that would stand out for the chest, so I used yellow vinyl and studded it with paper fasteners. I was thinking Smaug and but didn’t want to glue or sew on acrylic jewels. After the chest was attached, I carefully sliced in scale edges with a box cutter. When she moves, there’s a slight hint of flex through the chest. I like it.

The wings are my own design. They had to be sturdy and soft, since she’d be wearing them all day. They also had to be removable. I opted for a wire frame (10 gauge, I think), wrapped in batting, then fleece remnants, and secured with masking tape. I covered the whole thing in the green flannel and added some of the ribbon underneath. I gave the edges some messy cuts around the bottom with pinking shears. I used large snaps to secure it to the jumper.

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