For Sale

Prices are listed on the photos. First come, first served. All sales are final.

Please email the following information to gls[dot]themaker[at]gmail[dot]com.

Subject: Request for [Item Name]

Body: [Name], [Email Address], [Mailing Address]

If you are the first to request an item, you will receive a confirmation email with PayPal payment instructions. Once your payment has cleared, the item will be shipped to the mailing address provided.

If an item has already been requested, you will receive a notification that it is pending sale or no longer available. Sold items will be removed from this page after payment has cleared.

If you have any item or payment questions, please email gls[dot]themaker[at]gmail[dot]com.

If there’s a costume on the site that you want, but it’s not listed on this sale page, please email gls[dot]themaker[at]gmail[dot]com to request information.


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