My Hosting Warrior was made in about 80 hours (adjusted to exclude many hours of curing, drying, and printing). I designed it in the style of a World of Warcraft warrior armor set, themed for our employer, Hosting. I have to thank Mr. Schatz for allowing me fabrication time during our staycation and for covering storytime with the mini Schatzes so that I could get this completed in time for Halloween.

  • The helm pays homage to trolls. That’s all I care to say about that, because we are the internet.
  • The pauldrons, breastplate, bracers, and greaves in Hosting colors are individually lit with LEDs. I designed the “gemstones” with little clouds on the facing and 3D printed them to diffuse each light point.
  • All of the strapping inside the armor is from the DE office’s supply of HMS lanyards.
  • The belt is inscribed with our Core Values, with “GUIDE” around a larger gemstone in the center. The light is a self-contained pool light with a remote and multiple color and strobe options.
  • The thigh armor is decorated with a stylized HMS logo over blue dragon scale texture.
  • The glove plates are inscribed and painted with the Ntirety logo.

    • The foot armor reads “Stelligent” and is paired with another stylized cloud.
    • The cape hem is decorated with negative space versions of the AWS and Azure logos.

    • The battle axe is inscribed with the 6Cs and strapped with a motion activated sound band.
    • The shield base (a cardboard platter from a catered lunch) was provided by our beloved DE office den mother, Becky. It has a stylized Hosting logo with placards for our Voyager, Explorer, and Pioneer service levels. The inscription reads “Taking you further”, first translated to Latin, then into runes, because Latin is awesome.

    • The warrior makeup is from Espionage Cosmetics, and features an “H” across my eye. The glow in the dark nail wraps, also from Espionage are based up upon the miniatures game Hordes.

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