High Low Skirts

A quick, simple project that can go horribly wrong is a circle skirt. Let’s add some difficulty by making it High-Low!

This was before Black Canary got into the wine, so I have no excuse for whatever face this is.

A great starting point for circle skirts is the Circle Skirt App. It does all of the math, with helpful pictures to show you where and how much to cut.

If you’re a wildcard like me, however, you’ll just fold a random piece of fabric and start cutting. That’s how I learned to make high low skirts…with less than an hour to leave for an event.

*Disclaimer: I make shit up as I go. I’m self-taught. I do not apologize for this. However, this method has worked for me repeatedly.

  1. Fold fabric in to quarters.
  2. Mark and cut the circle as large as the fabric will allow.
  3. Unfold the fabric to a half circle.
  4. Mark the length of your skirt front up from the hem (the “low” in “high low”) AND measure up from that point the length of the waist measurement (x/4). The top mark will be your new center point.
  5. Refold the fabric into quarters.
  6. Mark and cut the skirt opening.


At that point, you should have a high low skirt. If you used woven fabric, you’ll need to cut a slit, add the waistband, and insert a zipper. If you used a knit, depending on your measurements, you may be able to slip the skirt on (overhead or over hips) with an elastic or self fabric waistband (like yoga pants).

If you made it this far, you get to see how I draw my circles.

The day I came up with this resulted in an early bedtime. I’d used all of my brainpower. 

I use a large jewelry chain with a loop large enough to fit a piece of chalk at the end. I use a knitting marker (or safety pin) to note my center point, then I place an awl through that link into the top point of the fabric (skirt center point). With the fabric in quarters or halves or a full circle–whatever works for you, pull the chain taut and draw that shape!

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