Distance and the Mystery of Time

Captain’s Log, Isolation Day 34. The crew of the Starship “No, I’m Zelda” is doing well, combating cabin fever with good books, engaging school work, intriguing games, refreshing afternoon trips to the backyard, and a steady stream of Harry Potter content. In an effort to improve costume quality, most sewing activities have been converted to manual; however, this has begun to interfere with Animal Crossing time. Momma’s got digital loans to pay and these hands ache. End log.

My IRL floor isn’t this nice.
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Con Crunch & The Mystery of Time

It’s been a long time, we shouldn’t have left you,

Without a–

NOPE. I’m not going to apologize for disappearing. Active costumers, especially those of the hobbyist persuasion, know that there’s too little time in the day to whine about all of the “stuff” that fills our non-research-shopping-construction time. We have to prioritize sleeping, eating, families, jobs, reading, gaming, social media–so some items will always be set aside. In that small space remaining in my week, the dreaded Con Crunch is now in effect. 

I wrote this Night’s Watch parody in 2018, the morning after a BlerdConCrunch all-nighter.
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