See Yourselves Out

Whew…what a month it’s been since our last post. Social media is more of a war zone than it’s been in a while for me. To be fair, my news feeds are pretty well curated with people that I know and love IRL, businesses that I lucked out in being able to trust, and pages that provide a beautiful background when I want to escape. But, ooh child, the comments sections have had me clicking out of groups and unfollowing with a righteous fury! Grab your Hot Toddy and have a quick sit with me. 

My Punished Props mug wants you to know that this post has been edited for a higher number of curse words than normal.
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This Week in ‘Costuming While Black’

Today, I was reminded that I have a Facebook page, and while I post infrequently, it is still an expected point of contact with the world outside of our little quarantine bubble. I am generally overwhelmed by social media and have neither the time nor the inclination to engage keyboard commandos with fervor. I do enjoy wading in costuming and event groups, but writing a comment can take an hour of choosing my words very carefully, so I usually just hit the “like” button and move on.

Thanks to a Ted Talk, I always ask myself before posting, “Does this need to be said? By me? Right now?”
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