Y’All Need to Come Get Your Friends

When your fandom is on fire, what do you do? Do you un-like, unfollow, mute, block, restrict, unsubscribe? Do you even notice? Do you fight in the comments? Do you swear the whole community off? Do you dig through the offender’s oldest posts and interviews to see the signs through a new lens? Do you finally read the IG caption since you probably just liked a pretty photo the first time around? Do you spend a day catching up on response videos? Do you take the time to educate yourself on why the bad thing they did was bad? I’m a huge fan of that first option because it’s easy, and I’m less likely to fall for their lies in the future when I question why I’m not already following them. If [by some miracle] I don’t identify with the marginalized group, I do that latter one as well.

I would say buckle up, but my words ain’t wild and this ain’t new.
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