A touch here, a touch there

So, I have been able to lighten up on the full speed ahead garb projects, focusing on things small.  In my TV catch-up time, I added the black and gold trim to The Intended’s doublet and the pearls to my gown.  The non-period crocheted socks that I started forever ago are almost done.  They are not pretty, but they match in color at least.  I picked up a pair of knitting needles, since that will add a period style to my garb–hopefully.  However, I have yet to start learning how to knit.  I have also been experimenting with faire favors: I realized that I have more beads than I will ever use in a lifetime, so I started with bead/wire/ribbon monstrosities.  I have a lot to learn about wire working, but it has been a positive learning experience.  Now, I just have to make some faire friends to whom I can distribute the favors.  Remaining on the faire related end of the sewing table is a pair of pirate-inspired pants (low rise Venetian breeches), sleeves for The Intended’s doublet, and a tall hat (that looks like a tall hat this time).  I had planned to make a high necked smock for general use, but there is only one month left to faire, and there are not enough hours in the day.  Since Halloween is approaching, a couple’s costume is on the priority bulletin board.  It should not be as labor intensive as last year, and I plan to have a version of my costume that will be work-friendly.  That way, I will have one costume rather than two or three this year.  I just have to pick up the components and make some adjustments.  I have also decided that a musical talent will help me to develop a faire persona, so I have started researching the recorder and the lute.  Oh, and somewhere amidst my crafty impulses, we are planning a wedding.  What I would not give for a vacation.

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Music and dance

The intended’s garb was completed to wearable status last night (diary will be updated soon).  There are a bunch of aesthetic additions that I’d like to make, but functionally, it was good.  The floppy hat that I made him ended up on my noggin instead because of sizing issues.  I officially do not like making hats.  That being said, I’ll be practicing as much as possible until I get something that works.  Today was a successful test of the ensemble, and we won the Peasant Dance competition to boot.  We were sweaty, it rained a slight bit, and I managed to spill meade on my underskirt, but we had a great time.  There were lots of compliments on our ability to match and how well we fit one another.  It was a great day, and that’s all I’ve got!


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