If there were a faire to attend tomorrow, I could wear my gown with a minimum of self-battery.  The skirts are hemmed, the trim has been sewn on, it looks like a gown.  I would like to sew a lining along the bottom to keep the fray in check, and I need to fix an issue with the skirt’s modesty flap.  I’ll update the dress diary this evening.  Obviously, accessories will be in line after that.  I’m thinking about a snood and flat cap, possibly some button jewelry, and the forepart’s matching sleeves if I get to them.  I was finally able to order Margo Anderson patterns, and I can’t wait to see what I can incorporate!

Thanks for checking in!

Unpacked and back to work

So, we moved.  Now, I have a dedicated sewing area and a folding craft table!  My back feels better already.  The space makes me want to sew more than before.  I even have a new desk with a “side car” for my machine.  I put up a diary in progress for the Upper Class Gown, and I hope to get it done as soon as possible.  The faire starts in one month, and I still have to come up with an ensemble for my other half that he’ll feel comfortable in.  It’ll probably be too hot for my current ensemble, so I want to overhaul the peasant garb before opening weekend just in case.

Thanks for your time!