Unpacked and back to work

So, we moved.  Now, I have a dedicated sewing area and a folding craft table!  My back feels better already.  The space makes me want to sew more than before.  I even have a new desk with a “side car” for my machine.  I put up a diary in progress for the Upper Class Gown, and I hope to get it done as soon as possible.  The faire starts in one month, and I still have to come up with an ensemble for my other half that he’ll feel comfortable in.  It’ll probably be too hot for my current ensemble, so I want to overhaul the peasant garb before opening weekend just in case.

Thanks for your time!

Odds and ends

Trim sucks.  I’ve been forced to make my own trim to make up for the fabric department’s mild incompetence, and for my lack of attention to detail on my lunch break (there will be a full write-up about that when the dress diary is up).  The initial trim fabrication idea that I decided on still stands, but i’ve also managed to convince myself to do a hand-made trim to cover some machine stitching that shows on the dress.  To add to the monster I’ve created, the main dress fabric doesn’t take very well to strong stitching, so I’ve spent the morning hand sewing velvet strips to the shoulder rolls to cover the fiber fill peeking out underneath.  It was a good time to catch up on some TV.  I’ll be hand stitching from now until opening day.

Thanks for reading!