Mid-National Sewing Month check-in

I’ll just run down the “completed” list.

My brother’s doublet: I cut it out last summer and stopped there because I didn’t feel like applying the interfacing.

A birthday gift: These are roller derby patches for a friend. I bought templates from Urban Threads and switched up the thread colors a bit. I’ve never made patches before, and now I know to prep the fabric a day ahead to let the glue dry. I went through six needles.

The Tiny Tyrant’s newest dress: She originally picked out embroidered pink silk (?), but I thought better of it and used blue broadcloth instead. It took just under three hours. That isn’t her hat, but she seemed to think that I didn’t need it.

This isn’t part of the sewing fun, but it was my first purchase of the month. I don’t know how many yards of piping, twill tape, and lacing I bought for less than $20, but it’s already being put to good use. Thank you, Jomar!

And, thank you, reader person, for stopping by!