Never fear!

I’m still here…just a little busy trying to stay focused.

I’ve got a million things that I’d like to work on, and some of them have true deadlines. I hope to get a new page up tomorrow, even though I’m mid-project. Posting keeps me on track, which is why I do it. I’m going to reorganize pages while I’m at it; the page menu seems cluttered to me. As a quick gesture of “No, I promise I’m doing something”, I’ll run it down: [Current] Working class ensemble for me, [Soon After] Working class ensemble for the husband, [On Going] Remnant bin crafts for sale, [Also On Going] Knit gift. At this point, I really need to come up with a schedule. I’m also trying to fit in some exercise at night to get ready for a huge belly dance weekend in March, for which I had also planned to make a few outfits – HAHA…ain’t gonna happen! That’s what the internet is for – shopping.

Oh Great Universe, grant me the wisdom to stop getting distracted and to sew through my stash before August.

Thanks for stopping by!