Bringing It Home: Part One

Fall is my favorite season, partially because layering my clothes is a hobby. Mostly because I get a pause in the costuming schedule to remember that I have a plethora of other hobbies. But, this post is about what I did to end the 2014 season, so let’s look back.

First, I got a new sewing machine–the Singer Heavy Duty. I needed a new primary, since my older Singer has become unreliable, and I don’t want to have any unfortunate accidents with my pretty little Brother. The new machine, Jayne, has been lovely. I was concerned that she’d be too sturdy for my mid-size sewing table, but I haven’t had any issues.


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Get Ready: 31 Days of Halloween

Finally, a one month challenge that interests me! It helps that my friend over at belle la vie is a geek fashion genius and has inspired me to dress like I occasionally give a damn.

The list is here: Get Ready: 31 Days of Halloween

The wardrobe challenge begins Wednesday. I’ll be posting my daily photos to Instagram, which will link to my other social media hidey-holes. If you’re going to join us, please keep an eye out for the appropriate hash-tags. Sharing is [S]caring!

It’s time to get fancy for a month of Halloween!